Butter Bell...

UPDATE: Usually people place an update at the end of a post, but I must immediately tell you that, as others have commented below, the ink DOES start to rub off. It's quite a disappointment! I only wash the inside of my butter bell now for fear of washing off the design.  So yes, I declare this post a FAIL.
BUT. It doesn't have to be a fail. You just can't use a sharpie marker. Don't believe what everyone on the internet is telling you. A sharpie won't work. I even baked mine for 30 minutes MORE and it still didn't permanize. (I made that word up...I kinda do that often, my husband has learned to understand my speech over the years).  Anyway, use a porcelain marker and have a party with it!

Have you heard of, or ever used a butter bell before?? It's how they would store butter in the good ole' days.  I first heard of it about four years ago when I went to a Farmer's Market and someone had made BEAUTIFUL handmade butter bells in beautiful colors.  But they had a good price tag on them as well.  My Mother In Law found one at Ross's for cheap, but we haven't seen one there since. There's a kitchen store near by that sells THIS one, but it's not my style. Yes, I know, my butter bell needs style. 

Well I found THIS one at Amazon. Hmmm...design my own?

 Incase you're still wondering what I'm even talking about, a Butter Bell keeps a stick of butter fresh for up to 30 days without refrigeration. Add just a little water to seal out the air, keeping butter spreadable. TIPS: (Make sure that when you put butter IN the bell, it's not wet or hot from the dishwasher or something. It needs to be dry and room temp to add the butter. Also change the water every few days).

So onto the designing! Have you ever used a permanent marker to add design to glass or porcelain? Well, here's how you do that:





Bake at 325 Degrees Fahrenheit for 35 minutes:
 WHOOPS!!! I touched the design with my oven mitt on the way out!

Filled back in the design with marker when it cooled off, put it in a PAN! 
Bake again because I failed the first time!
Remove from oven to cool WITHOUT touching the design.

Wash by hand when needed and it won't budge! I've even tried to scratch it with my nail...because I don't want to testify to something and have it not work for your guys of coarse.
Not a scratch. It looks great! And you can do this with anything porcelain.
Is this dish washer safe?? I'm uncertain and have yet to discover!
But washing by hand is safe for sure!

Directions as a whole:
Draw on design with sharpie. 
Let completely dry. 
(Marker can take a little bit longer to dry on porcelain than paper).
Place onto pan.
Bake @ 325* for 35 minutes
Remove from heat (and don't touch design).
Completely cool.
Wash as needed!


Justin + Liesl said...

You have got to be kidding me.... THIS IS AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing this... If only I wasn't holed up in my desk I start this DIY right away! :)

Hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday.



amyk5 said...

I bought a butter bell off of Amazon last year,and love it...Just have to remember to change the water often!
Love your blog, btw

amyk5 said...

Pretty sure it is the same one!
I am really bad at drawing, ugh...Great idea though

'T' said...

really loving that linds with the many talents! good birthday? did you like my poem?

Heidi Lisa said...

Love your drawing! So clever!!
I bought a bunch of these and gave them out as Christmas gifts last year. I don't know if they use theirs, but we got to test ours when we went to the Ranch this summer - Love it!
Sadly it is too warm to use it here in Hawaii. Butter melts and runs away at room temperature :o(

Linds said...

I almost feel bad for you Heidi...Darn that Hawaii :)

Julieslymediseasefight said...

I made a mug like this and if I rub the design when I am washing it, it starts to come off. Any reason why?

Unknown said...

I don't know. I've only rubbed it with water and my fingers. I wouldn't use a rough sponge that's for heavy scrubbing maybe. I'll test it out!

Heidi Lisa said...

lol...I know....Darn Hawaii....where the price of butter can be compared to gold...lol :oP

Anonymous said...

Wow. I had no idea if you used a sharpie and baked it that it would stay. I love your blog. You've got so many great and personal ideas. I read the 75 things to do with your kids. Totally pinned it, for one day when I have kids...
You're design on your butterbell is beautiful though. You did a fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!! wish I could draw like you :)

I tried this and I still find mine wipes off even after letting it cool? Maybe the cup I used was too 'shiny'

Micha said...

My daughter made me a mug like this for mother's day but it hadn't been baked yet (I didn't know that) and when I washed it the ink started coming immediately off. Then I baked it to salvage what I could but I'm so afraid of losing her drawings that it's become a pencil cup!
Your drawing is lovely.

Williams said...

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