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I enjoyed a week full of family fun for Thanksgiving! Black-Friday shopping and filling my face full of pie...{a few times}.  Even tho I guiltily put up my Christmas tree a week ago, it's now officially Christmas season FULL FORCE with some holiday food potentials.  I've been searching for the perfect party food for my family Christmas party this year and I wanted to share a website that is full of party foods, APPETIZERS, party favors, table decor and more. 

Perfect for anyone wanting to be a hostess with the mostest!

Posting beautiful resourceful party food ideas that are perfect for the holiday season (or ANY occasion) I knew I had to share! I found this to be a better resource for Party Food than even Pinterest. (You may never hear me say such a thing ever EVER again).

Here's a few beauties...
click pic for link

I'm in love this buffet style plate/napkin stack...

Get ready to host or just party with PARTY FROSTING! I just spent an unreasonable amount of time searching the whole darn thing.

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Drew Watts said...

Indeed this food is pretty looking and delicious too. Thank you so much for sharing it here. I am also planning a party at party venues in Houston and it will help me to plan a successful party.


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