Polish Things Up-

(PLEEEASE keep in mind that this should be my last week of being camera-less since my beautiful NIKON broke. So this is all done with my Blaze phone:)

My daughter received the kindest gift from her 7 year old cousin. She had wrapped it up herself in pretty Christmas paper. She's the most giving little girl I've ever met and EVERY time we go over there, my daughter comes home with something that her cousin handed down. And it makes me so happy, and even more so...my daughter.

Well my daughter has been BEGGING me to get her some glasses like mine, and when she opened these tiger striped frames from her cousin, she could've skipped Christmas all together she was so excited! "Mom can we paint them pink like yours? Or Maybe zebra?" She asked.
After contemplating our important decision, we decided that pink was sure cute, but she wanted to stick with animal print. Then we decided that zebra print was too close to the already tiger print frames...(though the orange is pretty spectacular so we kept the inside orange). 

So we took 3 polishes that I already had. That was all:
(a neutral a gold/bronze color and a black)


#1 COAT: 
(actually it took two of these coats)

#2 Random Polish Blobs:

#3 Take a bobby pin or tooth pick 
Use the black to outline the blobs. 
But don't just circle the blobs in black, 
make it sporadic and rarely fill in the circle.

(I should probably note that we let it dry between each step)

Flaunt it-

I shop at the Dollar Tree quite often and they always have some REALLY cute frame shapes! I'm thinking white frames with florals next!
(Because we WILL be doing this again!)
Happy Revamping!
I'll be on Christmas break WITH LOVED ONES through...well...Christmas. I'm so grateful to take a break with my family and snuggle up everything that is important to me. Happy Birthday Jesus.

Love Linds-

We made some more!
Come check it out!


Alyssa said...

oh. my. GOODNESS. These are so cute!! what a fun project!!


'T' said...

STOP IT NOW. Lovely!

Edris said...

Super Cute!

Leslie said...

How fun! I've pinned this idea for future use. It's a great way to take what would be "girl" glasses and make them boyish too with the right polish colors. ;) Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!


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