Monster Straw Painting

Did you know that this week is dubbed the official BLUES WEEK. They say that this week more than any other week of the year is when people get down in the dumps and depressed over nothing in general and for no darn good reason. Just the cold winter months with no holiday to look forward to but Valentines, which to some can be even more depressing than the gloomy cold months to follow. My mom informed me about this fact because I told her that for some reason I felt like I had the emotional range of a 9 month pregnant woman...big gulp size. (No I'm not pregnant) I guess at least I know now that I'm not the only one that's feeling this way.
(Well, at least that's what I told my husband for good measure). 
Anyhoo...this is how we decided to brighten up our day...

Pinterest is such a great source to find fun kid crafts. We've tried our fair share but I had to share with you our FAVORITE FIND! My kids get the giggles and it's instant fun!

First, tape down a piece of watercolor paper. Get the watercolors nice a wet. Place different color drops all over the paper.
Second, take a straw and start a monstrous shaping!

Go googly eye crazy and giggle!

HAPPY Sad Week everyone!


1 comment:

Terésa Marie said...

I love this idea, thanks so much for the share, my boys will have a hay day!!!!!

I loooooooove your blog too, you just "get" me :)


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