Pursuit of Knowledge...

My youngest starts preschool this year and before I know it, both my kids will be in school full time (that's so heart-breaking), and I can't help but think about what I'M going to do during that time of my day. Seriously. What will I do? (Yes, I AM going to blog, and love every minute of it. Cuegly is not in jeopardy here:)

After much debate and narrowing down, I've decided I'm going back to school. 
I am going to be a student again. 
Have you ever been so nervous to do something that you have a pit in your stomach? Why is going back to school so scary??? Maybe because...

 the last time I was a student I had braces...
(bff: Ashley and myself)

It has been...   SO.   LONG. 

I don't know if I consider beauty school being a "student". I learned a lot and enjoyed every bit of doing Cosmetology through a great college and getting an 'Associates' in Cosmetology. I'm still enjoying the benefits of that degree and I feel like I'm good at what I do, I really do love it, but I'm just ready for more.  I don't have a single General class done. So I'm starting from square one and I'm a bit nervous about that.

The degree???
A Bachelors in Web Design and Development

This is what the degree will cover:
  • Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • Web Business
  • Web Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Webpage Development
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Visual Media
  • CIT Fundamentals
  • Information Design
  • Communication Research
  • Software Development
  • Conflict Management & Negotiation

Students with this degree are suited for careers in the following areas.

  • Web design
  • Graphic Designs
  • Advertising
  • Audiovisual Communications Technology
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Communication & Journalism
  • Communication & Media Studies
  • Electrical/Communications Engineering
  • Graphic Communications
  • Mass Communications
  • Public Relations & Organizational Communication
  • Radio/TV/Digital Communication

Another neato thing, is that I will also graduate from LDS Institute! (Which has always been a goal for me), so wish me luck because my journey starts the Fall of 20-13. The same time my 4 year old starts preschool. Oh my stars! I'm so nervous!



Justin + Liesl said...

You and me both. I just started going back this semester and I was a nervous wreck. The first week of school was a horror! However, it has gotten much better and even though I still get nervous I've settled into my routine and I know things will be ok. I think it's great you are going back!



Andrea said...

I did my college first, then went and did cosmetology school. Now i'm working, and doing hair (which i love), but i'm wishing now i recieved my bachelors (i got my associates). Maybe i'll be inspired by your courage!!! Good luck, you're going to do great!



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