Wooden Dowel Puppets {from thrift store stuffed animals}

If you haven't seen the tutorial for how to build a puppet theater with PVC pipe, GO HERE.

After lying in bed at night (many nights) thinking of different ways to make puppets for the theater, the loss of sleep paid off! My head POPPED off the pillow one night and my husband knew what that meant...
"What are you going to do this time?" He mumbled.
"I know how to make puppets for cheap and it won't be time consuming!"
And it worked... 

I raided the D.I. (or any thrift store) and found some GREAT stuffed animals! I also grabbed a few from the Dollar Tree! 

 I bought this 16 pack of Wooden Dowels at Walmart for 93 cents...

Take a hot glue gun and glue around the tip about an inch or two...

(Previously, you'll want to have taken your scissors and punctured a hole in the stuffed animal in preparatory for the stabbing). 
Then take your hot glued stick, still HOT, and skewer your animal. This process can be distressing on young children...so take caution.
When you stab it through some of the glue will scrape onto the outside of the hole. This is OK.

Because you'll take a readied circle of felt that matches the animal and cut a little hole in the middle of the circle and slide it down the dowel to secure it on the hot glue.

Another rendition: 
I bought these beauties below, at the dollar store, and just glued the stick to their backs and secured it with a square of felt over the dowel and onto the back.

I was a little excited to find this dragon at the DI, because a dragon was on the VERY top of my list of things to find for my kids. THEY LOVE stories with dragons!  

The bunny I found at the dollar store because they're in prep for Easter. The frog was an old Vday gift because it WAS holding a heart that said "Be Mine" that I snipped off. I also added the felt crown to the frog's noggin.
Did you spot Lamb Chop? So a lady tried to take it from me at the DI. But I held my ground. I loved Lamb Chop when i was little!

That's it for today! Oh wait...a winner of the Jamberry giveaway!
Ya, that's gunna be: HAYDEN!!! 
(I emailed you the info but don't forget to pick your favorite pattern and let Brittne know in the email so she can send you your favorite one!)


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Laura said...

Phenomena! I am making puppets with my 1st graders and although we are using paper mache, i would love to utilize this concept for future presentations~



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