Easy as 1-2-3!!!
K, not really, especially with my toddler enjoying the paintbrush! But it was easier than I thought it would be! hee hee.
I bought these "butter cream", and "teal" plates at the D.I. for $1 (w/out the designs, because that's why we're here)

DRAW the design: any design YOU want! You can trace one if needs be, I freehanded this little fella...

CUT around the design and TRACE on to vinyl

CUT inside the shape and PEEL the vinyl and PLACE on plate:
PAINT in the design. (Acrylic Craft paint didn't mix well with Mod Podge)
PEEL vinyl

STICK tape to plate in spike shapes. PAINT the spikes and PEEL the tape
You can add "leaf spikes" if you want. (I LIKE THE SPIKES)

Cut out "bird's wing" and trace the "circles" on the desired paper. Cut them out and mod podge them to the plate...um...DONE!!!

If your too lazy like I can be, I did this plate with JUST paper and Mod Podge. It was an ALL black plate:


These cutest designs I found following "Poppies @ Play". I cant keep up with her, but I sure love watching! Find these designs and others HERE and HERE.


Andy Porter said...

Lindsay! You made my day! Your projects turned out so cute!! Thanks for the link! You are awesome and I'm going to have fun checking out your cute blog!

Anonymous said...

wow you are very talented great job

Unknown said...

these are so cute. Thank you for sharing, I cant wait to go and try them

Unknown said...

these are so cute. Thank you for sharing, I cant wait to go and try them

Chris said...

What a great idea! Those little trees are especially cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

Southern Fried Gal said...

So cute! I especially like the bird and the color of that plate.

Tennille said...

too cute!!!

Unknown said...

These posted yesterday - thank you so much for letting me do it! Everyone loved!!! :D


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