You can revamp a dress, a shirt, a belt, a scarf, even doll up a thrifted pair of shoes! Or revamp some clothes for your kids!
I want to make sure that I get at least 3 people to link up MAY FIRST, so I'm posting a reminder for you to get to a thrift store and find something that will give your wardrobe some spice! Be brave! Blog about the before and after results (if you dont have a blog, email it to me! because...)
I'll be featuring my favs! (or just fav, incase only 1 person links up;) With a possible giveaway!
I dont even care if it turns out to be a funny fail!

IDEAS: Remember how I turned this...
(dress AND morning hair)

into this??...here.
Or how I spiced up this D.I. dress?
You just show me how you can shop and wear the thrifted.

It's that easy! So get going!
There's only 11 more days till the link up party!
(and u might b the winner:)

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