Hello Kitty...

Our little Jumping Jelly Bean turned FOUR.
Hello Kitty was her choice of theme...so we rolled with it.
Though anything that has the Hello Kitty logo on it seems to cost an arm and a leg, 
so we made our own decor with stuff we had around the house.


It was my first EVER attempt at Cake Pops and tho it started out horrifically, they ended splendidly! I'll be doing a 'how to REALLY make cake pops Tutorial' soon :) For the kitty face and bow on the cake-pops I just used left over fondant from the big cake.

I just cutout poster boards to make the kitty heads that you see. Drew the face on with permanent marker and then used craft paper for the whiskers and bow.

We made her kitty cake with a white cake mix. We split the mix in half and baked two 8" cakes- one pink one turquoise. I just used NEON food coloring! I made marshmallow fondant for the cake cover/the kitty face and the fondant pearl beads around the cake.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

those cake pops are so cute! You did an amazing job!! I like that you made your own Hello Kitty decor. It might have taken more time than just buying it, but i'm sure it WAS cheaper and it makes the party more unique. :)

Lauren from www.allgrownupparties.blogspot.com

Jess said...

So cute! Now I just need a little girl to do this for!

Chad & Bonny Day said...

This is so way cute! I might have to copy you!

Rachel Annie said...

so cute! I am still hesitant to try cake pops again, my first experience didn't even make it to the dip in frosting stage and ended in misty eyes! but I did learn to make home made chocolate. you basically make fondant, but I found that recipes for butter cream fondant taste better than marshmallow fondant, and you can flavor it, I did lemon, orang, and butter rum, then you dip in chocolate! The young women in our ward were so happy to get such a sugary treat! Do you have any tutorials on the different things you made for the party? I would love a step by step of the cake pops!!


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