Stocking Stuffers For Everyone!

Twinkling lights.
Christmas morning.
Stuffed stockings.
And a whole LOT of excitement.
 So lets chat about the highly anticipated stocking stuffing. 
Or maybe let's just take a look at some stuffing ideas now!
 I'll link up all over the web so you can have a chance to look around.

Portable iphone charger for your iphone friends! 
There's many fun and unique gifts found at uncommon goods.

 Temporary Tatoos. 
This website has them for everyone! (even custom made). They're made in the USA and with safe, non-toxic ingredients! Not only do they have them for kids, like super-heros and Disney, but they have them for teens and adults too! Might I add that these babies last!
We had fun with Hello Kitty TempToos for my daughter's birthday party!


The ULTIMATE Hammer! Yes? 
We all know someone that would love this! (And on a great website!)

For your funny friends! 
Go HERE for prank & gag gifts and unique items! 

Artisan Birthstone ring for the special ladies!

For some great makeup on a dime, visit Eyes-Lips-& Face.

Gift Cards! 
There's nothing greater than a personalized gift card.
 I'm pretty sure you could fit plenty in one stocking!

Paracord Survival Bracelet for the outdoorsy friends!
 Fashion and safety in one? Surely!

Every reader needs one (or late night studier).

Make this for a parent or grandparent to keep the kids busy!

Okay, so if you haven't heard of this...it's so hilarious and so brilliant at the same time!
Every girl that has used one RAVES about it! It's not fair that the boys have it so easy.
Check out the GOGirl- Camping and public restrooms aren't so scary anymore ;)

Hanging up pictures of friends and family just got more fun! 

I know first-hand, this is the BEST mini nerf gun
It shoots further than all those middle sized (expensive) dart guns. 
One for every family member could result in a fun combat zone Christmas morning ;) 

Kitchen gadgets!
Knick Knacks to make life easier in the kitchen is a favorite of mine, so take a minute and check out this Pizza Wheel, Garlic Peeler, Herb Scissors, and Scrape Shovel.
 Can't live without em!

For the quirky friends- meet Mr. T

Cufflinks for the disguised heros in your life...

There's so many beautiful handmade gloves and mittens. 
Why not make wrists beautiful and warm?

Green Laser
This is so spectacular. If you thought playing with those mini red lasers when you were young were entertaining...this just took things to a whole new PLANET. 
Don't go star gazing, camping or have night time fun without this.

Fanny-packs just got overstepped. Keep your keys/phone/cards/chapstick secure quite simply.

Don't tell me you've NEVER seen the Lifesavers Book
EVERYONE should make this a stuffing tradion!

From $7- $9 you can't find an easier and cuter stuffer. 
The fabric button earrings come in a bajillion different choices of fabulous.
Do you think Santa would be offended if I stuffed my own stockings by chance?

This toy is made from organic buckwheat hulls, 100% linen and cotton.
 Warm it up & the natural warm of these toys 
helps to sleep, relax, calm down and enjoy their warm.

Keep an eye on this post, 
because I may just keep adding to it! 
Let me know if you have any great suggestions!!

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Nate and Kayla said...

So I just found your blog and love love love it. (This is Kayla by the way). You are so creative. Thanks for bringing some creativity into my life. And I love the ideas for stocking stuffers. There are some fun things out there!


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