I promise I'm going to get better at taking pictures of the actual PROCESS of making these things! I'm just getting the blog going and these are things already done. Sorry.
These Box Presents are so fun! It was originally a Christmas Craft, but I actually leave them out all year.
Just three different sized blocks of wood (getting smaller like a snowman) and then cut out craft paper to the correct size of each side of the blocks (Except for the bottom, unless your anal like that) I just used a glue stick to put the paper on. THEN You stain them! Any wood stain!
Let it dry and then sand them. Sand the edges (and even the tops of the paper A LITTLE) to get a nice rustic look. Glue the stacked blocks together with a glue-gun and then tie them with raffia! Easy, cute and so many different designs of paper to use!
You could even make cute kid prints for your children's rooms! And it gets better! I've seen people print out family photos off their computer! They have stack-blocks of family photos! I'll post pics when I make the photo blocks.

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Tiffany said...

I like these. I will be linking at mypetitepurse.blogspot.com



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