You've probably been informed or heard of MINERAL MAKEUP, it's awesome! I will never in my wildest dreams put cream or mousse foundation on my skin ever again!
I've tried all the top brand name mineral makeups, so that you dont have to. Including BareMinerals, SheerCover, Bare Natural by Loreal, and Mineral Power by Maybeline.
And last but not least, RAW MINERALS. My top choice of makeup AND brushes!!!
Here's YAHOO'S ADD on the makeup, as well as the FREE trial offer.
(the picture below is everything you get in the FREE TRIAL OFFER)

If you DO get the trial offer...remember that you have to return the containers within 30 days if you dont want to be billed.
{I emptied the containers into some other empty makeup containers I had the day I got it, and sent it back THAT DAY. You get to keep the brushes, which is well worth just paying for shipping!
Do you see in the picture above the bigger wooden brush with flat-top bristles? Well that brush feels like silk on my skin, If I use any other brush now, it feels so scratchy!}

Also...When I've done it, I pretend like I'm ordering my FREE trial offer and then I go to close out of it, and a popup comes up saying we'll take half off the shipping you have to pay! So it ends up being like $1.95 instead of something like $5.95!!
If you're not familiar with mineral makeup, make sure you watch the HOW TO video that comes with the trial offer! The brush is hard to get use to at first because it picks up SO much makeup, (which can actually be great to use as a concealer for your blemishes), and then use smaller amounts as your foundation! Mmm, it's wonderful!
I tried the chamomile tea and really enjoyed it! I definitely fell asleep ALOT faster! This past week I also took iron (because I'm low) and it helped with my restless leg syndrome! So I've been great! (Now do I need to say, first ask A physician?)


From Janes Oven said...

I have tried this make-up before I really enjoyed it But i have moved on to bare. and the brushes with the raw are way better then bare

Stizz said...

Let us know if they charge you once Oct. 1st rolls around.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered about these mineral makeup lines!! I think I will try it, and I LOVE the fact that you admitted to changing the container and sent them back so you're not charged!! That's awesome!!

Linds said...

I ordered my free trial awhile ago...and no charge after sending it back...But I'm always cautious and sent it back that day!

Kate said...

I love mineral makeup! I may try this one. Thanks for sharing, girl!

Jocelyn said...

So I have tried bare minerals and I actually sell Mary Kay and we have a mineral makeup that I would love your opinion on how it compares, I would send you some free to try! Let me know if you are interested in a real free tiral just cuz I would like to know what you think!


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