Do you or your child have problems with Acne? Here are some GREAT AT HOME REMEDIES to try! I've been lucky to never really have a problem with Acne, but I do get at least ONE pimple during that ONE week each month. I've tried Garlic for so many other things, that I think I'll give this a try. I wonder if my husband will let me get ahold of his face as well.
(Tip from Model Beauty Tips .com)
ACNE HOME REMEDY: Garlic is known for its Anti Bacterial properties and makes an excellent Acne treatment. Press some garlic into a paste and leave on your acne/pimples for 15 minutes and rinse. Another solution is honey and apple mashed & placed individually to pimples.
Is it not worth the TRY? And I'm a firm believer in Home Remedies!


Teresa aka Tess said...

I'm at the pre-menopausal stage and yes it is wouth giving it a try.

AUTUMN said...

I'm getting married so soon and can't find anything that will work on my face, but I am so willing to try! Thanks so much for that tip! Here's hoping that it will work!

Lissa said...

I've been plagued by acne my entire life and have heard and tried just about everything in the book. But these are both news to me! Something I love is crushing up an aspirin and mixing it with some water to make a paste. Leave that on for 30 minutes...it zaps them and takes out the redness without making them flaky and dry. I'm excited to try these new ones.

BJ_Mama said...

Okay...this isn't for this post...but related to Beauty Tip Tuesday...ever since I saw your post on Dry Shampoo I have been on the look out for some in stores and can't find any.....now I don't know how to get back to that post to see which ones you recommended adn where to buy them...would you mind helpin' a girl out?
Shoot me an email:


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