BEAUTY TIP TUESDAY Looking Younger in 10

Welcome to Beauty Tip Tuesday!
Here's 10 TIPS to looking YOUNGER!
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1. Exfoliated Skin is happy skin. Decrease wrinkles and have new vibrant glowing skin with this one easy step!

2. Grapeseed Oil...Mmm...look into it.

3. Did you know your fragrance can make you seem older or younger? Seriously. Studies have found that grapefruit is the youngest smell. Hmmm...interesting...bath and body works here I come.

4. MOISTURIZE! Please do this daily. Your skin needs it and so does your look. Nothing's worse than dry skin.
5. Makeup Primer. Using a makeup primer is remarkably helpful. Fill in those lines before your makeup does! I completely see the difference when I use my mineral makeup.

6. Whiter Teeth. I found that Crest White strips are MARV. And last forever!
7. Care for your Brows. Keep the uni-brow far away, and keep your brows shaped...Thicker brows are in!
8. Lose the glasses. There are some stylin glasses out there, but for a younger look, slap in your contacts!
9. Under Eye Circles can add loads of years! Do it right....directions HERE.
10. Drink your water! We all know the daily dose. It's just like Moisturizing, but from the inside out.
Do you use any of these?
Are you going to?


Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

Thanks for the tips. I am a big believer in primer!!


Natalie Munson said...

What make up primer do you use or recommend?!

Sonia said...

Thanks so much for the worthy tips!! I'm off to locate some young-ish perfume!!

Chad & Bonny Day said...

What is Makeup Primer?

Anonymous said...

These tips are fabulous. I love crest white strips, They do last forever!

Alayna said...

great tips as alwys miss lindsay!-hearts-alayna

seven thirty three said...

I can't use primer or foundation. My skin is just too sensitive. I do use a tinted moisturizer though from MaryKay... it's a little pricey at $18 a tube, but if you have sensitive skin it is worth it. :)

sanjeet said...

I am a big believer in primer!!

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Andrew said...

I can see what you say about wearing contact lenses instead of glasses to look younger. However, my eye doctor told me that I need reading glasses. I would only need the glasses for reading, and therefore, contacts would not be an option for me. So what to do in my case?


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