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Hey Cuegly Crowd! Thanks for stickin around even though I'm only posting once a week. I'm soon going to start doing a monthly Craft Concoction Linky Party. And I'm OOber stoked to start doing it! SO get ready!
I haven't made any new hair accessories since I chopped my hair and I thought it was about time! I had so much fun and cant wait to go out into town! (DATE NIGHT!)
1: I found these gorg flowers at the $1store! 2: I took them apart and cut them into only the pedals. 3: Glue three pedals together. 4: repeat 2 more times with smaller pedals. 5:Add some pearls or beads or buttons. 6:Glue onto workout headband and add another flower to it! 7:Cut out leaf shapes of fabric and singe or hotglue the edges and add them where you want them. 8:See the back! ;)
I'm LOVEing this sucker! It looks SO much better in person though. (I HATE THAT).
I saw a cute headband on etsy that was selling for $45. I made one similar with supplies I already had :) I cut some leftover flower pedals into pointier shapes. 1: I glued them in 3's. I also added brown tull and white tull to give it dimension. 2-3: I did four sets of three and glued them together in a line. 4: I added three extra pedals to ofset the striaght line. 5: I added some beads. 6: I cut and braided three skinny strips of old white leggings for the headband.
Now all I need is a toga...{and I LOVE IT}.
I forgot to get a pic with short hair. But it's super cute! This was a quick one! I didn't even take pics! I took a thick strip of lace and shaped it into a bow and glued it. Then I just placed an old button over the glue. I added some brown tull in the shape of a bow to the back of it to also add dimension. I LOVE this bow and wear it EVERYWHERE! I feel girly and sassy.
Dont you DARE tell me YOU CANT make these! It's easy and fun and you can make what EVER you want! You can add fun fun spicey color! (I'm always using, making and wearing the nutral/vintage colors...Mainly because I can wear them with anything).
Simply make and enjoy being spicey!
There's a time and a place to be spicey and sassy.
It's now...and always;)


Momma Button said...

Lurving these to pieces! I wasn't sure I could wear thins like this with my short hair........but you really rock it! I'm going to give it a shot. Thanks for sharing.

Kimmie @ Hello Mess said...

Oooh I love the petals in the Etsy headband knock-off! So pretty!

Michelle said...

Very pretty! I'm loving these as much as the other ones you created w/ the flowers! I still hadn't tried it because I haven't found any ribbon here! Not much of a selection! Boo! When I do though, I'm coming back here to create, create, create! :D

Sweetaimee81 said...

love it!! They look great. You are too smart

Sweetaimee81 said...
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Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

So cute! Those look amazing, great job!

Sew Wilde said...

Cute head bands! I may have to give it a try. Thanks for the tip abut Hard Candy Sheer Envy primer. I got some for my mineral make-up and I absolutely love it!!


Erin S said...

Way cute! Where did you get your super cute shirt?

Linds said...

The D.I. of coarse ;)

Lacy said...
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Lacy said...

Those head bands are nice. You did a great job. The first two are a little labor intensive fore me. Yeah, I'm lazy ;) Actually I just hate leaving a craft unfinished and what usually happens is I get everything out, get started, and then some sort of emergency comes up and all I end up with is a big mess. However that bow looks like something I can totally handle :)
your wig is beautiful btw.

Christina said...

Super cute!! I love it!!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my b&w bench :) :)

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