Have you noticed how professional photographers are going out of style like really greesy comb-overs? Taking your own photos and using a photo program is SOOO in.

So how do you do it? I mean...how do you make your photos look professional? What camera do you use? What photo editing program do you use? Well, that's where I'm going to take a HUGE leap in. I've been passionate about snapping photos since I was like 10. (I use to mail my pics into Jones Soda's. Remember those? With the cool pics on the label? Mmm...cream soda) Anyways, I'm learning SO many new things and I thought I'd share! There's scary words out there when it comes to digital cameras and photography...Like Aperture, and shutter speed, and backlighting, and megapixels and so much more. I'm going to take some of my time here on That's So Cuegly, and share how to take an incredibly CUEGLY pic! I'm going to be doing even MORE research (including trial and error) so that you can learn with me. Idiot proofing you could say. I thought it'd be a BLAST to give a challege and you guys email a picture you take and I can feature it on my blog! So start thinking of what you want to take pictures of!

Are you just a 'my kids' kind of gal, or maybe landscape and nature? Do you want to do abstract art? Portraits? All of it? Start thinking!

So while you're dwelling on this...Let's start off with a very basic but VERY CRITICAL tip!!!


For some dern reason, camera companies have ingraved into everyone's brains that megapixels are the biggest and most important seller of a camera. Please stop and listen to this:

It's. a. lie.

Megapixels can be important, but there's a lot of other factors that should be based on the camera's ability to take sharp or grainy pictures. Basically, how grainy/smooth the sensor is, and how fuzzy/sharp the lens is, will affect image quality more than the resolution. This is a VERY important point. Cameras with more megapixels can actually take LOWER-QUALITY pictures if their sensors are grainy and/or if their lenses are not very sharp. Bigger lenses are usually sharper, and bigger sensors are usually less grainy.

You need a good camera with good features before you can start looking at megapixels. And let this be heard: As long as you're not going to be blowing a picture up any bigger than a 20"x30", then 6 megapixels we'll do just prefectly great.

Dont fret over the megapixels. The end.

P.S. So my husband and I have discussed my blogging (you KNOW every blogging wife goes through it...dont you judge;) And he thinks it's very important for me, and also a good "out" for my sanity. And now that he works 12 hr shifts at only 3 days a week, We're going to be scheduling in every week when I can blog. I'm ecstatic about this! You may think I'm just sorta freaky, but I cant wait to have scheduled time to blog in peace and keep you guys informed on my doings! (Which will still include Crafts/Beauty Tips/Photography Tips/How 2's and How Fails).


Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Thanks for the tips on cameras. I have a 6 mega pixel camera, and have thought about upgrading. I feel like it does okay, but it's old and brick-like. But for the time, I think I'll stick with what I've got. Thanks for the tips, I will use them when I do upgrade! And I'm so excited you'll be able to blog regularly again!

Lacy said...

Couldn't agree more with you about the megapix misconception! Beautiful pictures!

Holly said...

Love your blog enjoy your posts! I can't wait till you get this time scheduled in so we can enjoy more of your amazing talents with us!!

Chad & Bonny Day said...

I'm so excited you are doing this! Really! I have a question. I have a really nice camera, and then I have another one i keep in my purse, so you know if we're out and about I can just snap a few pics, but I HATE the one I keep in my purse, it takes horrible pictures and it takes FOREVER to click..do you have any advice on what type of camera I should get?

Another question, how do you edit your photo, to make all the colors look bright and beautiful without making the person in the pic. look orange?

Anonymous said...

Very exciting....I'm all in on photography projects!


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