Double Dream Hands

I'm at home, the kids are asleep, my husband is working a night shift and I'm laughing uncontrollably. Have you ever laughed so hard, and no one was even around to witness or laugh with you? Well, that's why I'm sharing this. SOMEONE has GOT to enjoy this as much as I did. My sis posted it on her blog and I share a similar humor as her, so I instantly clicked play! It took me a few seconds to realize that this guy's quite serious and very passionate and my new favorite icon.
But it wouldn't be good if he didn't take it serious...you'll see why.

If I see the "SHOULDER" one more time, I may kill over in happiness! Please watch till the end so that you can witness the butterfly and the freestyle, but overall, I'm sure he got most his moves from this guy...and I LOVE this guy...

I want to put together a very large talented group and acheive this dance in a large form!
I cant imagine life much better than that.

Please enjoy the rest of your day with some double dream hands and shoulder rolls! But dont forget to sign up for the dress giveaway!
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'T' said...

I knew you've love this! My eldest child said they showed this at a school assembly. I can't get over how much fun he is having. Will life ever be the same after this? Shall we do this together for the Christmas Eve family talent show next year? I think that's yes.

Whitney and Doug said...

I was just in a bit of an ornery mood.. until I just watched this. That made my night! Haha! So funny! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

That definitely reminds me of Mr. Napoleon's dance. OH the joy! Looks like I've found my talent for the next church talent show!!!

Emily Love said...

Haha! That was great! All I kept thinking was about how long it would take me to actually learn that song. It looked intense!

Double dream hands!!

Teresa aka Tess said...

Loved it!!!


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