I'm, Just A Girl

...and HER biggest fan...no serious...you cant claim that spot it's mine.
I've been stalking following her for some time now...
And now, I have the best news...she featured MY WREATH today!

Check out the feature HERE.
Check out the wreath tutorial HERE.

{I have a fun easy project up my sleeve but not in process, because the first thing I need to do is spray paint, and for some reason the last day and a half I've had a chronic headache...and we ALL know what spray paint does to headaches :}
Maybe my pounding head will cease by tonight so I can get it done and post it tomorrow


Laree said...

I clicked on her blog just before yours this morning and was so happy to see your awesome wreath! Congrats!

Spencer, Kristen & Emma Chamberlain said...

I wanted you to know that I think that these are the cuteset wreaths in the world! i love love love them! I can't wait to do mine for easter!


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