LASH TINTING: {Product Review}

I bought this Lash/Brow tinting kit at Sally's Beauty Supply. The salon here charges $21 for an eyelash tint. Well just this kit alone has 40 applications. A steal right?
Well, lets take a look at the all around product on a scale from 1-5:

Color: 4
Simplicity: 3
Time: 5

You can choose black or brown. Stay away from brown unless you're tinting your brows. You want BLACK for your lashes!
It was very easy to apply the product and follow instructions. But I gave it a 3 for simplicity because these darn under eye papers were a PAIN! It says to "trim under eye papers for unusual or odd shaped eyes." Well I obviously have both because I had to trim the corners and the bottoms so that it fit better and wouldn't make me flutter my lashes out of uncomfortableness and annoyance.
I'm over it though...now.

I would also suggest only doing one eye at a time. I tried two and failed (the papers were the most of it) but I started over and just did one eye at a time. It takes about 10 minutes if you do it 1 at a time.

Here's my lashes before:

And here they are after:
(with leftover Vaseline still on)
Overall result: 3
I can now see my lashes. But it's still not a big result for me and only lasts for about a month. It's back to mascara...for now. I dont think it would be worth doing it yourself OR getting it done at a salon. But that's just me. I can see myself using this before I go camping or swimming. But that's about it.

What I came away with: I just used cotton swabs instead of what they provided. The product is clear (at first) so dont over apply and let it drip in your eye. Trim the under-eye papers to fit comfortably. Do one eye at a time (it will still only take you 10 minutes). It lasts for about a month. It looks fine for day wear, but simply expect me to apply mascara for a date night with my hubby. I'm going to try Loreal's lash strengthener/grower stuff and then try tinting again.

There's still eyelash extensions and wispies. I'll keep you posted.


Holly said...

Holy smokes! You have gorgeous eyes! I must be honest and tell you that I have never really thought about my eyelashes before. I always use mascara to thicken them and an eyelash curler, but I've never thought about the color. If you find something to get rid of my crows feet, please post immediately!

Broc and Julie said...

You eyes are beautiful! Thank for the post...Im excited to read about the extensions!

Chantel said...

agreed, beautiful eyes!

My sister in law does eye lash extensions, and based on the results I've seen in her clients it's awesome. I've never tried it personally though.

The Other Oyler's said...

How long does this last?

Momma Button said...

Love this product!! I apply with a cotton swab though. The toothpicks that come with it just frustrate me. Your eyes look amazing!

Belle said...

I've never thought of doing this, but your lashes look so beautiful, I might try it.

'T' said...

EYE love you, yep sure do... still looking for the three day potty training method. xxoo

Sweetaimee81 said...

When I went to school at avenda in minneapolis we did this all the time but we had to litteraly use toothpicks lol I love the results on eyebrows way more then lashes though because with light brows like mine you can use the black (it isn't like hair color it only goes a little darker) and makes them look soo much neater and less need to pencil and fill in :) try your brows lynds and love the spelling forget them

Amy Smith said...

Okay Okay Okay Okay THANK YOU for trying this out!!! I have the light eyes/skin coloring too and haven't had the guts to try this out. If you have a sec (before the tinting wears off) could you pa pa pa pleeeease take a picture further away from your face so I can see how it looks further back?!?! (I also love the volume my gunky mascara provides ;)

Unknown said...

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