Misspelling W/the Grammar Police:

I think the grammar-police are on parole, and I'm the perp.
You wouldn't believe the emails I've gotten lately about my spelling. hee hee.
I appreciate the sentiment to help me out (and my blog). I'm just bad at spelling.
(I liked math and PE ok?)
But when you're a mom and a hairstylist and a photographer and a blogger and a babysitter, and potty training a two year old and married to a man who is going to work full time and school full time, I'm just happy to get a post up. (as fast as I possibly can and no matter what my fingers type)

I'll be honest. One of my biggest falls is the T's and D's. I'm an American so when i read "See you later." I SAY: "See you layder." It's the American in me. It sometimes comes out in my spelling...because I like you to HEAR ME in my words, not just read me.
But that's just an excuse. Because let's all be honest...I'm definitely not watching (or caring) much about my spelling.
I've had emails telling me nicely that my spelling bothers them and some not so nicely. Dont worry, I dont get hurt feelings, but I did get the giggles! But I've also had emails that tell me my misspelled words are cute and endearing... Well, I may not agree with that, but I thought I'd let YOU choose.

So I made a POLL on the sidebar for you to vote!
And yes endearing is spelled wrong...haha...cant stop laughing...I think I may give someone a heart attack though.

My focus as of late, is spelling:
COURSE instead of coarse,
and PETAL, instead of Pedal
And putting an apostrophe in DONT...okay...maybe not that one...it takes too long.

With luv...
Why yes, I always grab my husband's face for the camera.


Anonymous said...

How funny, I didn't realize that most of your spelling errors were not intentional. Poddy to me was just a cute touch!

Holly said...

Oh for crying out loud, people are just ridiculous. Here's something they may not know.....THIS IS YOUR BLOG! spll it howverer u want ta.

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

I can't believe people actually email you about this! I think it's awesome that you're actually blogging these days--no matter how the words are spelled!

Kim and Corey Nasfell said...

Seriously it sounds like the grammar police need to get a LIFE of their own if they have time to sit around and criticize other people's blogs! Sheesh! I Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove your blog with a captial L and would love it even if every word was misspelled!! I literally get giddy when I check my google reader and see that there is a new post from you because I cannot wait to see what new amazingness you have come up with (and to get out my glue gun)!!! :)

'T' said...

deer lindzee, thanc yew fer haveing thiss grate blawg. sumtimez eye spel thengz rong two. eye m' steel verie kool thouw. n' sew r yew. downt evr lett thoze emales macke yew sadd. luv thu pichur uv yew n' joshewa. misss yew guyz. teenielle

Nichole Gaertner said...

You know, I am a freak about spelling and grammar... in my own blog. The way I see it is... I don't even see it. I love your blog and think you are a great writer. Who cares about the spelling and grammar. If you ever publish, then you hire an editor, right?! HAHA! Keep on keeping on!!!

Stephanie Vogel said...

People are so strange haha sometimes I don't capitalize my i's and when I get super lazy I dontevenusethespacebar! Hahahahaha I'm 7 months pregnant what can I say I can only handle so much right now. I'm on your side, more important thinks in life than dotting my i's and crossing my t's. We get the gist! :)

-G- said...

LOL, that is hilarious! Do they suggest that you take the time to go in and fix all the mistakes? I'd be like, uh...no.

But yeah, I notice EVERY mistake ever, but I would never go so far as to EMAIL you or anyone else to tell them what they're spelling wrong! And I do consider myself the Grammar Police (in fact, my best friend, who owns a t-shirt press, made a homemade shirt for me that says "Grammar Po-Po" on it. :D

It bothers me when I see errors in published books--I mean, don't they pay people to edit that stuff?? But blogs? Come on people, get a life. That's my dissertation for ya!

Unknown said...

I see far bigger offenders on the web and as long as you aren't just throwing your posts together without even trying to edit/proofread, who cares? You have great content and your writing is pretty solid. I always tell my college writing students that polishing up the errors is like icing the cake...a delicious cake is always more approachable with lovely fondant, and the armadillo cake in Steel Magnolias may be delicious, but many might never get past the presentation to the content.

I wouldn't ever take the time to email anyone over these errors if I am enjoying the blog, and I certainly would never hold the occasional error against someone, but I do think that when a blog is rife with errors (yours is not), this detracts from the content and affects the perceived level of professionalism as a writer. Your blog is lovely either way.


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