INSPIRATION...{on the wall}

Are you one of those people who has a PROJECT LIST the size of Manhattan? Well, you should see my 'IDEAS' folder on my desktop! I thought it would be inconsiderate if I didn't share a few...

Here's a great tutorial on how to make a fabric wrapped wall art.
Serious beauty here. And matching pillows? Stop it. Stop it now.

Fabric wrapped panels are an easy way to add pattern and life to a wall!
I found this one HERE.

The rest are pictures that have been in my 'IDEAS' folder from googling and do not have links at the moment, but enjoy and be inspired!

Rope twine wall art!
(very modern eh?)

Hang-Frame it!
(vintage/beachy feel is a plus!)

Symmetrical paper panels!
(I love me some black and white with color-pop!)

Upcycled cans!
This isn't just modern and green! It's organization! I would LOVE to throw some items in these suckers! But even BETTER with a fun color wall in a craft room!

And my personal fav...
Vinyl art with hooks and real mugs!
I'd LOVE to hang THESE mugs...I think I might.
Seriously...How are we suppose to decorate a home with so many styles on the web?!!



Isa said...

I love them all!



Phillips Family said...

I love the twine rope art! did you find a tutorial on that? I would love to make that as well!


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