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Thanks for putting up with my absence! I've been traveling around and visiting family. I got back today just in time to do some prom hair and makeup for some local girls! I've had a ball!
I wanted to share with you, while I catch up on my projects, the most amazing website in the entire universe and beyond.
I love being a hostess. Come over to my house and I'll have a themed party ready for ya! So when I found this website that gives you party decor ideas...for UBBER STINKIN CHEAP, I about chewed my foot off. I'd like to introduce you to
Let me show you a few favs of mine from the first few pages...

like water painting your vases...
crape paper and tulle streamers
Unicorn themed birthday hats

clothes pin banners

gum drop flag stands (I faced this dilemma only recently...if I only knew)

jewelry themed parties
Bold Pin Wheel


tutorials galore

How to throw a party...
How to make it work...

lil pretties

And my personal fav...
Girl's Night
Can you not see the adorable goblet, plate, tea light and melted white chocolate?
Oh, how I LOVE fondu nights!
Please do A Subtle Revelry the honor of spending the rest of the hours of your week in glorified ahhh admiring it's every post.
{And then start planning!}

P.S. My day without shoes was eventful and worth it. Maybe next year you can join me!


Brittney said...

You do throw the most amazing parties!! We need to have one soon!! Me and the kids are coming next weekend! cant wait to see ya!

'T' said...

L- I love that you embrace celebrating with beautifully themed parties, for family, church, or friends. I love that you have served my daughter foods on silver platters, done her hair, make-up and snapped pictures. I love that you put notes in people's lockers, and have fondue on the floor, just cuz. You make life fun, you are so fun to be with; always. My 'almost young woman' has been counting down the days until middle school is OUT, so she can come to your house for a few days. It's summer tradition for her. I surely can count on a fun hair cut, movie nights, and pizza nights, with a theme possibly. This is so special to our family. Take a look at the calendar, and we'll have her there.
xx T


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