Ruffle Soda Shop Girl {tutorial}


Want to have an AT HOME PHOTO SHOOT with your daughter???

Cut out an old shirt or just use a piece of fabric that matches your ribbon. This is the front peice and should measure about 12" wide and 10" high.
Start adding your ruffled ribbon with hot glue.

keep going...

and going...


Ruffled Ribbon is really twisty and hard to manage, so I draw a couple inch line of hot glue and then I pull apart the ribbon (like below) and push down into the glue. Keep doing that!

Here's the two fronts I have made for the lil girl.

This scarf was on clearance at Walmart, regularly $5 for $1. But a friend gave it to me so I paid $0. Cut out a 14" wide by 9" high piece of fleece (to keep the little girl somewhat warm during her photo shoot). The reason it's only 9" high instead of 10" like the front is because when you ruffle the front it shrinks down in size.

Attach and sew the fleece onto the ruffled front. I always had one end of my ruffles that misbehaved more than the other so I would sew the fleece onto THAT side to hold em in place.

Now turn your OTHER ruffled side over and hot glue on velcro dots down the edge...

Now take your fleece end and hot glue on velcro dots (lined up with your first row) so that you can velcro the outfit around the girl. Notice 3 lines of velcro on the fleece so that it's adjustable (hence the 14" wide fleece)

Sew a strip of fleece for the straps and put two ruffles on each strap...

Make the straps adjustable too...

Now doll up your girl, add a fabric background
and start snapping!

She's gorgeous right? But isn't this girl so chunky and squeezable!? She's not mine, but I'd claim her any day!

You can find more photos HERE.


Prudently Painted Vintage said...

What a cute idea! I would take her too. She is too precious!

Shawn and Megan Atwood said...

Lindsay, those pictures are sooooo cute!!!! Love them!

'T' said...

her cheeks are kissable! and the shirt (I want that...) will you pass on a few easter egg hunt pix?


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