Now that we all know how to make yoyo's,
here's DAY FOUR'S yoyo inspiration.
Hair flowers!

Double it up and layer/stack them!

Lace with tulle...

Or glue multiple yoyos on to a piece of felt...

I think this hair piece would rock the casa, if I wasn't wearing my husband's grey shirt for bedtime. But hey :)
You can go crazy with hair flowers. You've already seen me do many different variations of fabric hair flowers, and these are super fun and near the top of my list! You can do wild, or classic, or girly, or vintage...just do YOUR style and have fun.

DAY 5, 6, and 7 comin up!


'T' said...

i think all the gals should have that black one in their hair for the wedding! wouldn't that be cute? look at you doing so much! good job! i hope your readers know how neat you are; i'm lucky to know it. xxoo

Terésa Marie said...

I love your hair cut, super cute!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

ooh, I like it. They could go on a headband or just on clips. I've been making clips lately, and should try this too. I may have to wait til General Conference though...that's the only time I have the patience for stuff like that! :)


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