candlesticks and nerds

Okay! I'm laying it all out there. I've had ceiling shelves for 3 years (since we moved into this home) and I FINALLY decorated it! (Que applause)
On the far right is an old crate box a friend gave me. It's SO MUCH CUTER in person than what it looks like in these pictures. (I really promise)

But the candlesticks I wanted to share because they're SO easy to make.

All you do is take a 4x4 post and cut it down to the sizes you want your candlestick's height. Then take a 2x6 board and cut it into 6" squares for the tops and bottoms. You double screw on the tops and bottoms and paint as desired.
My dad did the honers of soldering the edges of my tops and bottoms, but it's not necessary.
{OH! And the decor balls I got at Walmart for $5. Regularly $15...GREAT DEAL}

Then if you'll allow me to introduce to you, my new heart . . . this dear antique trunk that was actually used for traveling many many MANY years ago, and was GIVEN to me...for FREE.

Drop JAW now. Say WHAA??? I know.
She GAVE it to me. I paid NOTHING. I'm still registering it in my brain. I look at it all day and it is adored deeply by me. May I never part from you from this day forth.

Did I mention nerds?
uh...here's a picture of me and the hubby...attempting to pull off the 'nerd'
With Love . . .


Heather said...

What a great idea and space filler!! My sad bedroom is just that, sad and in need of some good candlestick holders! bellesbazaar-heather.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Drooling- I LOVE the trunk! Your a lucky gal :)


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