{Princess Polly Pocket Cupcakes}

My daughter wanted one of those 'Barbie' cakes where you stick the barbie down the middle and make the dress the cake. She kept changing her mind on what princess she wanted as her barbie, and I finally realized that I didn't want to BUY any barbies and that she already had all the princesses in PollyPocket size. Well it's a done deal and so EASY! They ended up being SO much easier than I thought it was going to be! They're so small that there's room for mistakes!
*So I started out by using THIS marshmallow fondant recipe. SO simple.
*Then match your fondant to the color of dress. (I just used the standard cheap primary dropper food colors).
*Then take scotch packing tape and tape the princess's skirts as tight as you can (like above)
*Then bake your cupcakes. (make sure to fill your cupcake batter in each cup at 3/4 full. If you do 2/3 it will turn out flat)

*Next stick your princesses each in one cupcake. I took a paring knife and stabbed straight down the center of the cupcake(where the princess will go) a few times in different directions to create some 'give' so you can stick your princess in the cupcake.

*Now roll out your fondant in a 'somewhat-circle' bigger than your handish :)
*I did Cinderella first and I made a tiny circle the size of my pinky nail and then I cut a line out from it. *This is where you want to STOP and NOT DO THIS! INSTEAD of making a tiny circle. JUST DO THE LINE straight out from the center.
You'll see on Cinderella that you can peep down her skirt. If you just do a line, then the fondant will wrap around nicely :) Wrap the excess in the back so it looks like a train and then trim the bottom edges if needed. (two of mine didn't need to be trimmed)

Cinderella and her mouse and birds:

Sleeping Beauty and her fairy godmother:

And of course BELL with Chip and Mrs. Pots.
I used edible glitter to spice things up a bit. It worked best by dipping my (clean and dry) finger in the glitter and then softly rubbing it on.
You can see my hand holding the tray to get a size comparison.
My daughter turned 3. SO I made THREE cakes!


'T' said...

how fun! happy birthday miss cyrie. loves and misses.

Tiffany said...

My 2 year old just asked me why SHE can't have those cakes. :) Thanks for the ideas!

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea. You did a great job on these :)

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Those are super cute. I love it. :) I would have loved those when I was younger (or 20). :)

Unknown said...

Brilliant! I totally love these. You may have given me the push to try making fondant. So cute!


Vixie said...

Love these! Super cute idea!


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