RECAP: November Photo Challege

This past November I participated in my own 30 Day Give Thanks Photo Challenge!
I posted a photo a day on Instagram and I couldn't leave you hanging so...

Here's my November photo RECAP:

(I usually write my caption ABOVE the photos, but this time 
I wanted to confuse you by writing the caption BELOW the picture.)
 1. Favorite Food
*I'm thankful for Pie. I love to make it. I love to eat it.
And I love the different forms it can take.

 2. Something you can't live without
*I'm thankful for my scriptures. They are my life line, my directions,
my morning ritual to get through each day.
 3. A Nighttime ritual
*I'm thankful for writing in my journal. For some reason I take on
a different type of speaking when I write in my journal
and it relaxes me. -This is my 20th journal.
4. Family Time
*This picture captures the essence of a family time I'm very thankful for.

 5. A Family member
*This beautiful photo is my mother.
There aren't words to describe how thankful I am for my mother.
 6. Captured time
*I'm so thankful for this captured moment. I took this picture 2 months
before he passed and it's taken in the cemetery where his parents are buried.
When I need a pick-me-up, I just look at this photo.
 7. A household item
*Out of every kitchen appliance, or electronic device I own,
this cedar chest holds a special place in my heart.
My Daddy made it for my wedding day.
I'm thankful for the most beautiful piece of furniture I'll ever own.
 8. Beauty is
*God made. I'm thankful for the earth, the sunsets, animals & star watching.
(-if you look closely you can see Mr. canoe floating across the lake).
9. Happiness is
*Lying in the leaves with loved ones.
I'm thankful for moments spent with the ones I hold dear.
 10. A stranger
*I'm thankful for believing you're young and enjoying the journey!
This grandpa had so much fun with his grandson on the playground.
 11. An article of clothing
*I'm thankful for my husband's grey long sleeved pin striped shirt.
Because I get more wear out of it than he.
12. A favorite read
*I will always enjoy reading The Goose Girl over and over.
And I'm very thankful for reading material. Period.
 13. A gift
*I'm thankful for my proof of marriage to the man I'll love forever.
14. A blessing
*I'm thankful for where we live. It's been a blessing already
since we moved this past summer.
15. Dinner time
*I'm thankful for the food we have and the dinners I share with my family.
Especially our candle light dinners every Sunday.
16. Technology
*I'm so very very thankful for my macbook. I love you macbook.
This post wouldn't be here without you.
17. Relaxing
*I'm thankful for my bubble baths.
I'm the kind of person that likes to do it up right!
18. My work
*I'm thankful for my job. My job rocks!
And my little minion employees are pretty much the best people
I've ever worked with!
 19. I adore
*I'm thankful for when my husband comes home from work and
is in nothing but his garments and black socks. (and the giggles I get out of it)
 20. Something Old
*I'm thankful for this vintage trunk.
It's well over 100 years old and I got it for FREE.
Free things always make me so very thankful.
 21. Something New
*I just got these pink prescription glasses in the MAIL!
And guess what...they were free too!!! (originally $200)
 22. Inspiring Person
*I'm thankful for my best friend who inspires me to be better and to go out of my comfort zone. He's inspiring by his kind actions and his dedication to things that are truly important. I didn't have wings until I found him. (And I'm just so darn thankful that I get to talk and snuggle with my most inspiring person anytime I want. Words shared with him are always something I look forward to).
 23. A favorite quote
*There's a lot of inspiring quotes. And quotes worded quite uniquely and brilliantly.
 But it's this simple quote that I live by, believe in and know is true.
Everything is in his hands. So I don't fear.
 24. A goal
*I'm thankful for the opportunity to be a family forever.
It's why I'm here, and it's what makes my life whole.
I don't need any more than that.
 25. Light
*I'm thankful for sunshine and it's warmth and radiance.
And I'm thankful for it's comparison to the Savior Jesus Christ.
 26. Unconditional Love
*This picture may look a bit confusing. He's NOT going to the bathroom, but he IS finding a cache for me while we were geo-caching as a family. You can't quite tell but his foot is almost in a water's bank. This man will do anything for me, and I'm undoubtedly in debt to him. Thank you my love.
 27. Quiet Moment
*I love my kids whole heartedly. But their sweet spirits fill the room while they sleep.
I'm thankful for these quiet moments. (And NOT just for my sanity).
 28. A hobby
*I'm thankful for hobbies. I like to stay busy, but one of my favorites is sitting around the table with my kids while we all hold a paint brush. Watercolor is my absolute favorite! Most people find it dismal or gloomy, but I can't help having fun with all the colors while splashing with water. I'm a child with watercolor!
 29. A Pastime
*I'm thankful for my ukulele. Time flies when I'm strumming and learning. My kids LOVE to hear lullabies at night. But playing with my WHOLE family around the campfire and a plethora of ukes is the ultimate enjoyment! I'll be playing a Christmas song this month at the RS Ward party! Wish me luck!

*I'm thankful for the Christmas season. Decorating-Hot chocolate-Lights-Music-Gift Giving-My Savior's birth & life celebrated. But most of all, I love my children's ages right now during this season. It brings the most beautiful Christmas spirit fully to life!

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carizolli said...

You have such a beautiful blog. It always inspires me. I'm glad you started posting again.


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