Happy Snt Patty's

My kids were a LITTLE freaked out that a Leprechaun might give them a pinch if they didn't surround themselves with green. We had a 'sick' day from church today after spending a morning cleaning up puke and washing sheets. Thank you oldest son, (and thank you red strawberries) :P
 I saw this printout at Dating Diva's but I don't have color ink so I made my own. My husband is THEE best person I've ever known, and so instead of making a printout and giving it to him, I'm putting it up here for EVERYONE ELSE to see How LUCKY in love I am! 

I have a super-husband. He had a church meeting at 8 this morning & at 9 and another one at 10, then church from 11-2 and then rush home and off to work.
Thanks for being you, and I love you Josh.
Leap Year Movie night tonight and a foot rub for the Man of the Year!

P.S. Yes my husband looks like Elvis! He's a hip shaking hotty-pa-totty!

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