Thrifting and Biffing

I've been long searching for some sort of seating for my family room because the only thing that currently resides there is a white futon, though adorable, barely ample for seating as it has zero comfort.
I went thrift store shopping with a budget of $20.  And after my long searching, I finally found two matching chairs with no wear n' tear that fit my style! I claimed them, paid for them and then I drove around back to pick them up. That's where the 'biffing' came into play...But now that I think about it, I really could have prevented such a tragedy.

Problem #1: I was wearing a pair of crocs, yes the rubbery formidable footwear. It was raining. My crocs were wet. The nice man that was going to load my chairs into my tiny compact car couldn't seem to find my recently purchased merchandise, and he asked if I would come show him which ones they were.

Problem #2: I agreed. As soon as I stepped into the back of the store with such nice dry glossed cement flooring, my crocs couldn't handle such polish and they wavered. And I biffed it. I biffed it super uncoordinatedly hard. It was all slow motion. My feet were slipping every direction. As soon as I would try and catch up with one foot the other would falter. And I continued like this for quite some time. 

Problem #3: I grabbed at anything that might be my salvation. I grabbed and grabbed and grabbed, but everything kept falling on or around me. Shelves were knocking over in a domino like fashion, I grabbed and pulled at a pulley cart that shot across the room and collided right into the nice man and another shelf. At some point I smashed my knee into the floor and then finally...FINALLY landed on my back. 

Though I was completely discombobulated and lying under everything, I still came out on top with two cute chairs for $10 each!

My husband thinks it's his homework chair...
(Don't you LOVE the suspended seating?)

But you won't hear me complain because... he's doing my dishes while I blog...

What we've learned today: Don't combine rubbery crocs and thrift shopping.

Love you all-

P.S. No one was seriously injured (including myself) in my unfortunate fall. My knee is a little black and blue, but bendable! 


Unknown said...

Unfortunately the biffing it happens to most people more often than the beast steal you picked up! Sorry about the fall, but nice rummaging!

Connie Babe said...

you know, i was cringing as i'm reading, but i was also chuckling because you told the story so well.

hope you're all okay.

thanks for sharing your gracefulness.


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