PB inspired {Chalkboard Napkin Rings}..

1: I think it's so weird when people call Pottery Barn 'PB.' The first thing that comes to mind, is that someone made something out of Peanut Butter. But alas...I gave in.

2: I've never been a big fan of Chalkboard paint. I know I know. I'm a pen fan through and through. I love the neat dark lines that dont make messes. I guess I should say I dont love chalk. But alas, I gave in...

I was at a D.I. in a big city (always fun), and I got 8 rust orange napkin rings. They had great shape and of coarse even BETTER potential...so here we go!
I first saw these at Pottery barn and knew I wanted them!
First, paint in the inside of the napkin rings with your chalkboard paint. (which will look navy blue) and let it somewhat dry and then add another coat of paint.

Paint the edges well and let them dry...

Paint a little over half of the fronts and set them down to dry where there isn't paint.

YAY! Black! (and almost dry)

Once they've dried, glue some Jute Twine on the inside like so...

Then glue it to the front where the black starts on one side...

Now pull it through! (dont glue it-dont worry about glueing the underneath strips except for the string ends of coarse).

And glue on the 2nd strip. Then pull it through again and continue!

I glued jute onto a little over half of the napkin ring so that you can see the twine when a napkin is in it.
TIP: keep your glue minimal. You dont need a big strip of glue for each wrap of string. You dont want glue showing and it will REALLY REALLY show if you over do it)


Now invite some guests!

And have fun!

You can use it for holidays or special occasions, or birthdays, or sunday dinners, or dinner for two...
You can even leave chalk on the table so that your guests can send notes back and forth to each other.
TIP: I would LOVE to get a chalk pencil to cure my neat line obsession. But I bought a pack of 16 large crayon-shaped-chalks at the $1 store. They worked quite well.

Here's a sneak peak at my D.I. DEVISE LINK UP PARTY
MAY first!
Linds :o)


'T' said...

i want to come for dinner! way fun! i won't lie, that DI material looks pretty scary. if anyone can make is look chic- IT'S YOU. my gifted friend; i love ya!

Letters to Jet said...

Such a great idea! Love your blog!

Me said...

I wish I would link up....I have no idea how to sew...yet! LOL! But in the meantime, you are helping me tremendously with great ideas!! Great blog, love it!

Laura said...

Such a wonderful idea! I loved looking at your blog today. You are so creative. I can't believe how well you see treasures in trash and make them so nice. I will be following from now on!


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