I got this shirt at Target for my daughter's summer wardrobe. My kids grow so fast that buying an new wardrobe EVERY SEASON takes massive chunks out of your wallet. So we go cheap.

Like...THIS cheap...

I made some yoyo's our of the grey double pin stripe fabric that I used and loved HERE.
But i couldn't decide if I wanted the flowers

or here...

But I did know I wanted to add a ruffle cap sleeve. Here is one sleeve cut out and one sleeve ruffled

Here they are both measured and ruffled.

And here's my daughter sporting her new tank :)
p.s. She refused to wear the jean shorts that go with it, and she also had to wear her pink water shoes. I figured you wouldn't mind so much.

But I just LOVE grey and yellow together! It's a fav of mine :)
And I baby pop bellies :)

See you tomorrow for the LAST DAY of YOYO WEEK, as well as multiple yoyo inspirations!


Anonymous said...

I think it's cute with the pink. But that's just me! Turned out super fun.

Leslie said...

Love this! such a cute idea. I would have never thought to add the ruffle cap sleeve. I also like it with the pink lol

'T' said...

oh lindz, adorable. how cute is miss c? xxxooo


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